Secure online document exchange using VDR

A virtual data room (VDR) offers the level of security and control that is required to support complicated business transactions and mission-critical procedures. When compared to common tools for sharing files, such as corporate email and Dropbox, VDRs are capable of protecting sensitive data from theft, leaks and even ransomware attacks.

The best VDR providers offer a broad array of features specifically designed to safeguard information shared during document sharing. For example, many VDRs allow for redaction which blacks out areas of documents so personally-identifiable information stays private. Fence view, which is a digital view of a document, which prevents the taking of screenshots, is another advanced feature. In addition, the best-in-class VDRs come with security certifications like ISO 27001, SOC 1/2/3 and GDPR.

Apart from protection, the top VDR software also comes with features that can streamline the document-sharing process, making it more efficient. VDRs like this often have search features that help guests to find the file they’re searching for. The most effective VDRs provide well-organized folders with clearly marked numbers to keep the process moving.

If your company has to share data with clients, partners, investors or regulatory agencies, the right VDR can be an essential instrument to support your crucial processes. When evaluating VDRs, look for the right balance between security and usability to ensure your business can meet its objectives while staying in compliance. Contact a reputable VDR to find out more about the ways their solutions can be adapted to meet your specific business needs.

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